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About Us

Your Breath of Fresh Air Starts Here

Clean air isn’t just something we read about in newspapers and textbooks. It’s not a pipe dream thought up in a scientific laboratory. It’s more than just a talking point in classrooms or part of a political platform. Clean air is so much more than a concept; it is a basic requirement for everyday living. But behind the scenes, the air we breathe each day – inside of our homes and offices – isn’t as pure as we might think.


Mooka is revolutionizing everyday living by creating air purifiers and technology that makes the air you breathe at home cleaner, healthier, and safer.

When we began designing our first purifier, we discovered that even the cleanest home isn’t quite as clean as it might seem. Microscopic dust particles, pet dander, polens, and so many other unseen particles makeup a lot of the air we take in each day. Even the healthiest person is impacted by these particles in countless ways. They impact everything from sleep and smell to everyday health and wellness. So why are so many people not doing anything to change that?


We’re changing the way you live by bringing awareness to a simple problem impacting every home and environment. Our wide-range or purifiers means there’s a solution for every home and room. From spacious houses to small office spaces and everything in between, our uncompromised filtration system removes harmful particles from the air, making every breath you take clean, pure, and fresh, just like you deserve. Combined with our humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and vacuum packing solutions, Mooka keeps your air clean and optimized for healthier living.


Your breath of fresh air starts with Mooka.