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MOOKA Air Purifier for Home Large Room up to 969ft², H13 True HEPA Filter Cleaner


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air purifier large room

  • With the high-efficiency filtration system, the air purifier covers an area up to 969ft² (90m²).
  • 6X air changes per hour in 323ft², 3X air changes per hour in 646ft². 1.5X air changes per hour in 969ft².
  • Modern design fits in any space from small to large rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, nurseries, kitchens, and basements, is a good companion in the constant battle with airborne allergens.
  • Perfect for pet owners, allergics, babies, children, the elderly, or anyone wanting to improve the air quality.
  • Compact to remove around with only one hand by using the handle on the back of the machine. If you want a device that you don't have to babysit, and is portable and user-friendly, then the MOOKA E-300L air purifier is your best choice!
  • Fine Preliminary Filter filters Dust, hair, pet hair, lint, pollen, dander: The pre-filter catches larger particles and helps ensure a clean environment. In addition, you can clean the pre-filter regularly to extend the lifecycle of the H13 HEPA Filter.
  • H13 True HEPA Filter Remove up to all respirable and ultra-fine particles from your indoor air. Even allergens such as farina, pollens, dander, and dust can not penetrate the filter.
  • High-efficiency Active Charcoal Filter has an absorbing effect, which means it attracts molecules. Our activated carbon filter easily dispelled cigarette smoke, chimney smoke, the smell of cooking, nitrogen oxides, ozone, odors, chemicals, fumes, and VOCs. And they absorb living area toxins such as formaldehyde, which is a probable human carcinogen that is found in construction materials, paints, cigarette smoke, and some cosmetics.

Whisper-Quiet without Display

Thanks to advanced technology, the lowest noise level (20dB) are almost voiceless. It cleans your air and doesn't affect your work, study or sleep.

New Technology-Lock Set

To prevent error operations accidentally caused by pets or children.

Smart Filter Reminder

With a built-in filter replacement detector, this air purifier can calculate the remaining filter life.

When the light of the replacement filter flashes in white, please change a new filter in time to ensure the air-purifying quality.


  • Input Voltage: 120V.
  • Applicable Area: 969ft²/90m².
  • Noise Level: 20-50 dB.
  • Operating Temperature: 5°F~140°F (-15℃~60℃).


  • Please do not place anything on top of this appliance.
  • This appliance is for indoor use only.
  • Please remove the plastic bag from the filter before using the air purifier.